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Inpro has a mature, world-class team of executive employees. In order to ensure constant access to requisite cutting-edge professional expertise, but without taking on the very large fixed cost that would be required to include it as part of its infrastructure, Inpro has also made key outsourcing arrangements.

The executive management team comprises:

Michael Spiro, Managing Director
Based in London, Michael is responsible for overall project management and evaluation, and also for finance and administration. Michael was Elonex’s Financial & Commercial Director for 13 years, and was the head of Elonex’s intellectual property division throughout its life. South African-born, Michael graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA/BSc in Accountancy and Economics, and is a qualified Certified Public Accountant in Israel.

Philip Cardman, Business Development, USA/Asia
Based in California, Phil is responsible for searching for and identifying opportunities to acquire technology in the USA and Asia. Prior to joining Inpro, Phil held a variety of senior legal and executive positions at Itel, Tandem, Convex and Objective System Resources. He has a BA from Washington University, has a JD from Duke and is a member of the California and Texas Bars.

Yona Shoham, Business Development, Israel/Europe
Based in Israel, Yona is responsible for searching for and identifying opportunities to acquire technology in Israel and Europe. Yona is a well known figure in Israeli corporate life. Before joining Inpro, Yona was the Managing Partner of Momentum Management, the CEO of Onyx Technologies, and the Israeli Managing Director of National Advanced Systems and Control Data Crop. Yona is has a BA in Mathematics & Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and completed the AMP-Business programme at the Harvard Business School.

Andrew Margolis, Chief Technical Officer
Based in London, Andrew has over 25 years experience working in leading edge technology areas.  Prior to joining Inpro, he spent 11 years at Symbian, where he was Chief Patent Engineer. He's also a well-known author, having written the leading textbook on fax modems and protocols. Andrew has an MA from Cambridge University, an MSc from London University and a PhD from Edinburgh University.

Outsourced Professionals:

Dan Kikinis, Lextron Systems - Technical Consultant
Dan has more than 20 years of experience in the development of high-technology products and intellectual property, with more than 250 registered patents worldwide in PCs, Net/Web, networks and systems. Dan was the chief IP officer of iSurfTV, the CEO of Lextron Systems, the head of R&D at Elonex and is a member of Silicon Ventures' advisory board. Dan has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electronics and Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Mike Waters - Business Consultant
Mike has over 28 years experience in the electronics businesses. He has held various management positions with Mullard Ltd, Royal Philips BV, Delta Electronics Inc, Mesophotonics Ltd, Cambridge FPD Ltd as well as with his own consulting company. Mike is a materials science graduate and chartered engineer.

Martyn Postle , Cambridge Healthcare and Biotech - Consultant on Biotech Opportunities
is a healthcare and biotech consulting firm based in Cambridge, England. Martyn assesses and evaluates life science opportunities that Inpro generates. Martyn was previously in research at Eli Lilly, a Principal consultant at KPMG and Coopers & Lybrand, and the Senior VP of Cambridge Pharma.


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